Metal Buildings

Low Cost, reliable and completely customizable Metal Buildings.

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A Metal Building kit comes in any size and with many options. They are easy to construct and can be delivered right to your location. Choose from any of our color options for your panels and trim. Complete your new building with any of our roll up doors. Call today and our sales team can give you a quote right on the phone! They will also answer any questions you may have.

Metal Building Brochure

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Metal Building Components
Vertical Panels
Vertical Panels run from the eave to the ground. Vertical panels make for much stronger metal buildings as steel hat channel are used to allow for panel connections and structural support. Vertical panels also provide more protection against weather.
Horizontal Panels
Horizontal panels run the lengths of the building. Horizontal panels are a cheaper alternative for the siding and roofing panels but do not provide the extra protection and reliability of vertical panels.
The End Walls are the front and back of the building. While these can be left open they can also be enclosed with panels and strong steel hat channels. Enclosing the end walls adds strength and functionality to the building allowing for many accessories such as roll up doors, windows and personnel doors.
Framed Openings
Openings can be framed in with steel tubing at almost any location on a metal building. These openings allow for roll up doors and other accessories to be installed.
Rollup Doors
roll up doors can be ordered in many sizes and almost any color.
Personnel Doors
Strong structural doors that are made to last.
Metal buildings are great for any of our custom metal work. Cupolas, Chimney Caps, and more can be completely customized to fit your applications.