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Protecting Everything That Matters to You Most!

We’ve been serving the Southeast for almost 50 years! We pride ourselves on providing service and quality at a competitive price.

  • Metal roofing In Georgia is Growing, and we want to see Georgia Metal Roofing continue to thrive.
  • Metal Roofs are available in a wide variety of colors and shapes. Long lasting colors with no nonsense warranties.
  • Most steel products are made with recycled steel and contain at least 25 percent recycled material.

We have a wide selection of Metal Roofing panels. Metal roofing comes in a wide array of choices, colors, and gauges.

When it’s a rustic look that you’re wanting to achieve inside or outside we’ve got you covered. You also have the option of us pre rusting the metal for you.  Just take a look!

We have a wide selection of Weather Proofing products.

Whether it’s a pole barn, barndominium. steel framed house, tube frame building, or an array of different light gauge steel buildings, B&M metals has an array of options to choose from.

Metal trusses can be designed and fabricated to meet almost any application. Here at B&M Metals.

The water jet page will be available soon!

Dress up and accessorize and structure with a wide selection of custom made cupolas, chimney caps. skylights, gutters, and more!

Select the style of doors that you want to structure. If it’s a walk door, rollup door, or even a sliding barn door, you can find it here.

Metal Gutters are a great accent to any metal roof.

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