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In modern developments the pole barns of the 1930s have become buildings for housing, commercial use, churches, picnic shelters or storage buildings. These structures have the potential to replicate the functionality of other buildings, but they are more affordable and require less time to construct. The most common use for pole buildings is storage buildings. Today they may be for storing automobiles, boats, and RVs along with many other household items that would normally be found in a residential garage, or commercially corporate offices with attached shops. Lean-to trusses 20′ or greater are 18″ tall and less than 20′ are 12″ tall

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A Metal Building kit comes in any size and with many options. They are easy to construct and can be delivered right to your location. Choose from any of our color options for your panels and trim. Complete your new building with any of our roll up doors. Call today and our sales team can give you a quote right on the phone! They will also answer any questions you may have.

Pole Barn Post Protectors

Contrary to popular belief, moisture is not the cause of decay, but rather a condition needed for decay to occur. Decay is the action of soil-dwelling or atmospheric microorganisms feeding on wood fiber. That said, the chemical preservative is a pesticide used to poison the wood fiber, making it an undesirable food source for microorganisms. Even though chemical preservatives deliver solid decay & insect protection, #1. Checks (splits/cracks) exposing non-treated wood, #2. Inconsistent Chemical Absorption/Retention, and #3. Chemical Leaching/ Migration can pave the way for microorganisms & insects to bypass the ‘preservative’ protection resulting in post failure. By simply adding Post Protector’s ‘barrier’ protection, the aforementioned conditions that facilitate micro- organism & insect attack instantly disappear! Complementing chemical preservatives, Post Protector isolates the post so that soil-dwelling, decay-causing microorganisms/insects & when in concrete, atmospheric microorganisms, have NO post access. A recent scientific study shows that by adding ‘barrier’ protection, longevity performance increases by 250%+

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