Metal Trusses

  • metal trusses
  • metal trusses
  • metal trusses

Steel Structures

A great benefit of Metal Trusses is the freedom to design trusses based on load demands or desired shapes. A truss only spanning 4′ wide meets 110MPH wind loads.

Light Gauge Accessories

Metal Track
metal track

This piece is used as a receiver channel for the metal studs to make connections

Metal Stud
metal stud

Used for wall and some metal truss assemblies as well as many other metal structures.

Metal Strapping
metal strapping

Metal strapping is used to help strengthen light gauge wall

Truss Clip
truss clip

This clip is used to secure the metal truss to the wall.


Used to create tension in walls for light gauge construction.

Versapin Gun
versapin gun

Uses versapins coils to fasten paneling to the metal studs.


Used in versapion guns to fasten paneling to the metal studs.

Hat Channel 1/2″

Can be used as a roof or wall girt in certain applications.

2″ High Hat Channel
hat channel

Can be used as a roof or wall girt in certain applications when a 2″ is needed.

Wall Bracket
wall bracket

These brackets are used in some applications to secure the bottom of the wall down into the slab.

Awning Truss Pictures

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