Tuff-Rib Before Rust

Tuff-Rib After Rust

R Panel Before Rust

R Panel After Rust

2 1/2 Corrugated Before Rust

2 1/2 Corrugated After Rust

5V Before Rust

5V After Rust

1 1/4 Corrugated

Standing Seam

Does the cold roll material come pre-rusted?

The panels normally do not come fully rusted. We are aware that some home associations require that the material be pre-rusted before installation and if this is the case we can assist you with that.

What do I have to do to make the roof rust?

The cold roll material will rust on its own once it is exposed to the environment. When the material becomes wet it will rust even faster.

Will the runoff from the rust stain the surrounding areas?

Yes. While this is minimized overtime, it is still a factor that you need to consider and make allowances for. In many cases a gutter system will solve the problems caused by staining the surrounding areas.

Does this material come with a warranty?

No. While in most cases the roof should last for over 40 years, there is no implied or specified warranty for the cold roll products. The best way to combat penetration by rust, other than coating it, is to make it thicker. That is why we offer our cold roll products in thicker gauges than our standard panels.

What about trim and flashing?

Standard trim and flashing, as well as custom trims are available in cold roll steel and will rust as well.

What type of screw is used for an exposed fastener system roof?

We normally provide a pre-painted fastener with an EPDM washer in a copper color which is similar in color to the roof once it rusts.rusted metal roofing rusted metal roofing.