Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding adds a professional look to any home or building.

We offer a wide variety of premium Vinyl Siding products here at B&M Metals. Our Vinyl siding comes in many colors and styles. We offer perforated or solid vinyl panels that are easy to install. We also carry premium vinyl siding that provides a great alternative to expensive wood siding that looks amazing. Come on down to our showroom to see and feel all of our many options.

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Standard Vinyl Siding
metal shingles

Standard Vinyl siding is our main selection of siding panels. These panels have simple yet professional designs. Our vinyl siding offers a great finished look to any home or building at an affordable price. You can even get panels that add eco-friendly functionality such as helping with ventilation.

Standard Vinyl Panels
Lexington Vinyl panels are run vertically. They also have an added texture that gives them a professional look.

Color Chart
Lexington Specs

Alpine Ridge Vinyl is traditional looking vinyl siding. This style is also available in almost every vinyl color option.

Alpine Ridge

6.5 Beaded vinyl is another very traditional style. It has no texture and a smooth surface. 6.5 Beaded also has a great color selection.

Color Chart
6.5 beaded

North Cape simulated cedar board is a great alternative to expensive wood siding. With a great variety of colors this vinyl siding is easy to maintain and is not vulnerably to weather, aging paint or insects.

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North Cape

Pro Span Vented Vinyl soffit adds functionality to your home. Vented vinyl soffit is more energy efficient and can help ventilate the home. Pro Span vinyl is also easy to clean and has a wide variety of color options.

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Pro Span Specs

Pro Span solid soffit. provides the same convenience in maintenance and lifespan as perforated vinyl, while maintaining a solid appearance.

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Vinyl Trim Coil provides a convenient means of creating perfect vinyl trim on the job site. Trim coil is the last piece to finishing a perfect vinyl job.

Trim Coil is available in both smooth and textured coil.

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Premium Vinyl Panels
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Premium Vinyl siding panels offer a much more unique design for your home or building. These panels can mimic wood, slate or even log siding. At a fraction of the cost you can get these looks for your home while retaining and even enhancing the reliability or your siding.

Premium Vinyl Panels
Timber Double 4 vinyl siding mimics the appearance of real cedar siding. These panels, along with our other Timber vinyl choices, are a great alternative to wood siding, are long lasting and look great.

Color Chart
TimberMill Specs

Log Cabin vinyl gives the appearance of real log siding at a fraction of the cost. This Vinyl is not vulnerable to many of the natural enemies of wood.

Timber Single 7 vinyl is similar to our double 4 but with wider panels. They are available in the same 2 color options as our other timber options.

Roughsawn vinyl is a premium cedar shakes panel with a realistic wood appearance. Their deep texture gives a rugged appearance while maintaining a professional profile.

Color Chart
Cedar Cove Specs

Hand Split Shake vinyl gives an even more rugged appearance. The “imperfect” pattern will give your home a unique feel.
Roughsawn Ceder shakes are the most uniform shake profile. The straight lines look very professional and come in many color options.
Fieldstone vinyl offers a stunningly realistic stone siding for your home. A great alternative to expensive stone work.
River Rock vinyl has a great profile featuring water washed rock.
Stacked Stone vinyl gives the appearance of intricate hand laid stone. With a wide open pattern most will never believe its vinyl.
Hand Laid Brick vinyl is great for almost any home. This pattern looks like actual brick without all of the effort.
Hand Cut Stone vinyl is a great way to add a professional and normally expensive hand cut stone look to your home.

Vented Soffit vinyl siding is perfect for any hunter. These panels are great for any lodge, stand or camp.

Double 4″ Panel vinyl siding is perfect for any hunter. This is the standard vinyl panel covered in Mossy Oak Camo.

d5 soffit vinyl siding is perfect for any hunter. These panels run vertically and are easy to install.


window-lineal vinyl trim is used at the bottom of the windows for a clean finish.

Outside Corner vinyl trim finishes out the corners of the building providing a more professional look.

Inside Corner vinyl trim helps to finish those inside 90 degree corners.

Face Finish vinyl trim cleans up all of the cut siding to add safety and a professional finish.

J-Channel vinyl trim is used to finish around windows and doors.