Medallion 2 Trim

Medallion 2 Trim can be made to your specifications. Call us for details.

Item Length Girth Gauge Description
Zee Closure
Zee Closure
10-21″ 3 1/4″ 26 Zees are used in conjunction with ridge, hip, rake, end wall, side wall, and high side trims to give them something to fasten to on top of the panel.

10′-21″ 21″ 26 Used to flash valley connection.The valley lip helps to divert water if it reaches the top of the valley.

Soffit Base
10′-21″ 13 1/4″ 26 Used to incorporate a drip edge and support for soffit panels ran horizontally as well as soffit panels or other panels ran vertically in the same application.
Ridge And Hip Flashing Mcelroy
Ridge And Hip Cap
10′-21″ 13 3/4″ 26 Used to cap the intersections of a roof at the peak. Can be used for gable or hip roofs.
Rake Trim
10′-21″ 11 5/8″ 26 Installed at the gable end of a structure to help hold down the panel as well as prevent water from blowing under the roof panels at the gable end.
Rake Trim Alternative
Rake Alternative
10′-21″ 12 1/2″ 26 TEXT

Perimeter Zee
10′-21″ 3″ 26 TEXT
Rake Tie In Trim
Rake Tie In
10′-21″ 7 1/2″ 26 TEXT
Perimeter Cleat
Perimeter Cleat
10′-21″ 2 1/4″ 26 This is used in conjunction with rake, eave, high side, and parapet caps to prevent the use of thru fastened screws.
Outside Corner
Outside Corner
10′-21″ 12″ 26 This trim flashes the outside intersection of two panels or a panel against a wall.
Offselt Cleat
Offset Cleat
10′-21″ 4″ 26 When an extended eave is not used at the eave this can be used to fasten to the decking and hem the panel to.
Inside Corner
Inside Corner
10′-21″ 12″ 26 This trim flashes the inside intersection of two panels or a panel against a wall.
Hi Side Trim
Hi Side
10′-21″ 11 1/8″ 26 Used at the top of a shed type roof to keep water from blowing in underneath the panels.
Hi Side Tie In Trim
Hi Side Tie In
10′-21″ 13″ 26 Used as a sidewall flashing when a high-side trim dead-ends into a wall.
Eave Drip Trim
Eave Drip
10′-21″ 11 5/8″ 26 Used at the eave of the structure and features a projection for panel support as well as something to hem the panel to.
Eave Trim
10′-21″ 9 1/8″ 26 Used at the eave of the building to flash the fascia and to help protect against water that comes from the end of the panel.