Light Gauge Framing

Vinyl Siding adds a professional look to any home or building.

We offer a wide variety of premium Vinyl Siding products here at B&M Metals. Our Vinyl siding comes in many colors and styles. We offer perforated or solid vinyl panels that are easy to install. We also carry premium vinyl siding that provides a great alternative to expensive wood siding that looks amazing. Come on down to our showroom to see and feel all of our many options.

Build With Steel
metal shingles
  • DIMENSIONALLY STABLE – does not rot, warp, split, or creep.
  • MOLD RESISTANT – promotes healthy indoor environments.
  • TERMITE PROOF – does not rot, warp, split, or creep.
  • NON-COMBUSTABLE – will not contribute fuel to the spread of the fire.
Steel Framing Benefits ( The Builder )
metal shingles
  • LIGHTER than other framing materials.
  • CONSISTENT material quality – straight walls, straight roof lines, square corners, fewer callbacks.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL selling and green positioning.
  • LESS SCRAP & waste (2% vs 20% for lumber)
Steel Framing Benefits ( The Home Owner )
metal shingles
  • HIGH STRENGTH results in safer structures
  • LOW MAINTENANCE, slow aging of structures
  • LOWER probability of foundation problems
  • STRONGER connections, bolted, riveted vs. nails.