Framing Members and Red Iron

With the following page we make picking the right framing members and red iron easy. You will find specifications for each piece and instructions on how they are used.

Product Description Specs

Base Angle

Typically used to fasten liner panels in the interior of a metal building at the bottom of the


Used to frame window and door openings for metal buildings.


Used as a roof or wall purlin.

Receiver Channel

Used at the termination of a zee purlin.

Eave Strut

Used to support the zee purlins on the roof of a metal building.

Purlin Clip

Used to fasten secondary framing members together.

Galvanized Tubing

Used for framing carport and shed structures as well as numerous other

U Bracing

Used for bracing structures made from square tubing.

Round Post

Used as a support post for decks, sheds, awnings, etc.

Square Post

Used as a support post for decks, sheds, awnings, etc.

Punched Plate

Can be welded to the bottom of a square or round post for support or fastening with bolts.

Hat Channel

Can be used as a roof or wall girt in certain applications.


Used as a framing member instead of wood. This has the added advantage of remaining straight in applications where wood may warp.