Custom Cupolas (Deluxe)

Custom Cupolas that are fully functional and great looking

custom cupolas

Deluxe Custom Cupolas are completely functional. They not only give style to the roof but also help to ventilate.  Custom cupolas can be customized in many different ways and can get very complex. Options such as copper finishing and glass are also available. Below you will see some of our examples which show only a few of the vast options available.

Ornamental Brochure

Why buy a Metal Cupola?

  1. Low Maintenance, Metal cupolas do not have to be repainted or maintained like there wooden counterparts.
  2. Reliability, Metal cupolas are built to last.
  3. Customization, Metal cupolas can be customized down to the smallest detail.
  4. Cheaper wood cupolas can create residue from the wood, stain or paint.
  5. Wood can be vulnerable to damage from water, carpenter bees and other natural factors.

Want to learn more? Click the image below.

custom cupolas This is an example of a more complex and copper finished cupola. Every detail is handcrafted to meet your exact specifications.
 custom cupolas For a more economical approach you can choose simpler options and the cupola will still retain the same functionality.
 custom cupolas This deluxe cupola is over 12′ high. Any size or combination of accessories can be made.
  A solid Copper Cupola with custom panels and side vents.
  Another solid Copper cupola late in its patina stage.
  A play on a simple design done in solid Copper. This cupola has a pointed tip.
  This design has framed openings for glass to be inserted and a copper design over the glass.
  This cupola has a unique artistic design cut into the side.
  Another simple Copper design with a bell top, late in its patina.
Colors and Finishes
Sierra Tan
Met. Copper
Rural Red
Light Gray
Light Stone
Light Brown
Gallery Blue
Fern Green
Dark Green
Dark Gray
Bright Red
Bone White
Ant. Bronze


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