Custom Railing

fully customizable railing systems.

Buying a railing system has never been easier or more customizable. Now at B&M Metals you can order the perfect railing system for your home completely customized to fit your exact needs. We are confident that you will be able to find the perfect match of options that will look great for any application. You choose everything from the caps to the rail and we will package your unique creation just for you. If you have any question you can always call our sales team. Below you will find many examples and links that will help you with your selection.

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Choose your railing in 6 easy steps

  1. Choose a material
  2. Select a Rail profile
  3. Pick your Ballasts style
  4. Select Balust connectors and center pieces
  5. Select your Post caps and sleeves
  6. Add premium accessories for customization
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1. Choose a material
RakeAluminum RakeCxt Composite
2. Select a Rail profile (Cxt only)
metal shingles
Graspable Stair Rail
metal shingles
Contemporary Rail
metal shingles
Colonial Rail
3. Pick your Balasts style
metal shingles The balusters are the filler rails of your railing system. We offer many choices which can all be seen at the link below.
4. Select Balust connectors and center Pieces
metal shingles Now its time to finish off your Balusters by choosing your connectors and center pieces. Connectors (left) are the small piece that connect the balusters to the railing, these come in single and double options. Center pieces(right) are not required but can add stylish detail Baluster Accent Choices metal shingles
5. View all post cap sources
metal shingles Your next step is to choose your post caps and skirts. Skirts are relatively simple and add a finished look to the bottom of your main posts. Caps however are a great way to really customize your look as we offer over 70 options! All of our post caps can be viewed at the link below.
Post Caps
6. Add premium accessories for customization
metal shingles You are now finished with your basic railing system. However, we also have many premium accessories that can further customize the look of your railing system. These options range from fascia covers (left) to accent lighting (right). You can see a complete list at the link below