Custom Metal Work

With Custom Metal Work we can create any peace to meet any need

custom metal work

The possibilities of custom metal work are endless. Whether its an awning, trim piece or even a birdbath it can be enhanced with a custom creation. Below you will see many examples representing our capabilities with everything from simple caps, to unique decor projects. All custom Metal work is available in any of our colors or finishes including solid copper.

Ornamental Brochure

  Even caps can be completely customized. Details can be altered for not only visual appeal but for improved functionality as well.
  An example of a full awning cover. The top was made to mimic standing seam panels. This example is over 5′ long.
  This is a simple peak made with 26 gauge sheet metal.
  Window screens are a great accent for any building and also help with ventilation. Can also be done in solid copper. They also can be made in several different shapes and sizes.
  A custom copper counter top. Don’t be afraid to ask about any possible application.
  Copper post caps are an easy way to add a great look around any building. Available to meet any size needs.
  Custom Scupper boxes can be made to fit any application.
  A Rounded awning that is almost full patina. Made of solid copper.
  A Custom Copper kitchen hood.
  Rounded vents can also be made in Copper. Vents can be made to fit almost any diameter.
  This is a larger scale kitchen hood. This application is over 6′ long.
  Dormers are another great example of custom metal work. This one is solid copper and had a simple vent.
  This is a larger dormer that is made of copper and is early in the patina cycle. This dormer has a framed cutout for a window.
 28 We can also make custom Domes made of sheet steel or copper.
 custom_bell_top_dome_sm Domes can be small or large. We can make full domes in shop like the one to the left or make them in parts for on site assembly.
  Another Copper awning that is almost totally patina.
  A 2′ copper awning. Custom pieces can be made to accent large or small projects. Our copper work in particular can be very detailed.
  Custom copper post cover


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