Standard cupolas that look great.


Below you will find many accessories that are available for our Standard cupolas. You will also see our available color options and finishes. Color charts are also available upon request. They are available in all of our finishes and colors, including solid copper.

Ornamental Brochure

Why buy a Metal Cupola?

  1. Low Maintenance, Metal cupolas do not have to be repainted or maintained like there wooden counterparts.
  2. Reliability, Metal cupolas are built to last.
  3. Customization, Metal cupolas can be customized down to the smallest detail.
  4. Cheaper wood cupolas can create residue from the wood, stain or paint.
  5. Wood can be vulnerable to damage from water, carpenter bees and other natural factors.

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  Weather Vanes  Can be placed on the top of the piece  They are used as an ornamental piece to give a better look to the overall structure. Many options are available.

*additional cost

  Curved Panels  are a great addition to an ornamental piece. They give the top a more professional look.

*additional cost

Vents  are a great way to add a professional look to your cupola, on deluxe cupolas these help with ventilation. 

*additional cost

Wiring  can be added to cupola vents to prevent unwanted entry by birds and other animals.

*additional cost

Colors and Finishes
Sierra Tan
Met. Copper
Rural Red
Light Gray
Light Stone
Light Brown
Gallery Blue
Fern Green
Dark Green
Dark Gray
Bright Red
Bone White
Ant. Bronze


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