Cupola University

Cupola’s can be intimidating to order at first. At B&M Metals we think it should be an easy and informed decision. The worse thing you can do is end up with a cupola that is too small, or does not match the style of your house. Below you will find diagrams, tutorials, and other info that will help you choose the right cupola for your home or building.

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  1. What Size Should I Get?
  2. What Color Should I Get?
  3. What is a Weather Vane?
  4. How can I get a price idea?
  5. Why Should I get a Metal Cupola?
  6. How do I Order a Metal Cupola?


What Size Should I Get? – This is the number one question when ordering a cupola. Despite how often cupolas are ordered in the wrong size, it is actually an easy question to answer.

-The Old “Rule of Thumb”-

1′ of Roof = 1.25″ of Cupola

* So if you have 24′ of open roof, 24 x 1.25 = 30


What Color Should I get? – While this may seam like a simple decision, Metal Cupola’s are going to last a long time so you want to make it right.

-Contrast, Contrast, Contrast!-


* It often a good idea to go with contrasting colors. While this is not mandatory, it provides a professional look and assures that it can be seen from every angle.


What is weather vane? – A decorative piece to put on the top of your cupola.


How can i get a price idea? –


Why should i get a metal cupola? –


How do I Order a Metal Cupola? –

1) First determine the style. Please select the style using the examples shown. Pay close attention to the smaller details such as the style of the roof on the cupola (ie. Straight on concaved).

2) Second pick you size. Use the method shown in the scaling diagram to determine the size of the cupola that you want.

3) Pick your colors. Each cupola is hand made so the color combination is up to you. The roof, veins (or vents), corners, and flashing can all be different colors if you would like.

4)Tell us the pitch of the roof. The flashing kits have to fit the pitch of the roof to insure that they are flashed properly. Also if there is anything unique about the roof line such as an intersecting roof line tell us that as well.

5) Place your order.