Chimney Caps

A Chimney Cap protects your chimney from water damage and look great.

chimney cap

Below you will find many different styles of our chimney caps. Chimney Caps can be very simple or very complex in appearance and functionality. We can customize a chimney cap to cover any size or fulfill any look that you need.  We offer many colors, styles and finishes including Solid Copper.Ask us about other available options.

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Why buy a Metal Chimney Cap?

  1. Our chimney caps have the same Galvalume metal and baked on enamel paint used for our reliable metal roofing. Some manufacturers hand paint or spray there caps which looks good for a short while but will quickly fade and need to be repainted.
  2. They can be completely customized down to the smallest details.
  3. Our metal chimney caps are very reliable and easy to maintain.
  4. They will not crack, rot, or create residue from wood, stains, or paint that will stain your roof.
  5. Wood can be vulnerable to damage from water, carpenter bees and other natural factors.
  6. Our chimney caps have the same galvalume rust protection as or roofing material. Some manufaturers use cold roll steel which has no rust protection.
 chimney cover Flat Pan  is a simple and economical design. Outlet can be placed at any position and dimensions can be completely customized.
chimney caps Double pan  are a more elaborate chimney cap. They are more visually appealing and also allow for better protection and more accessories.
Half Round Cap  this is a custom cap made of solid copper.
Solid Copper Cap can also be completely customized. 
A Roman cap  is another example of a custom cap. This one is made of solid copper and is already patina.
A Basket Cap  is a good example of a more complex design. Can be made to fit any size.
Colors and Finishes
Sierra Tan
Met. Copper
Rural Red
Light Gray
Light Stone
Light Brown
Gallery Blue
Fern Green
Dark Green
Dark Gray
Bright Red
Bone White
Ant. Bronze


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