Metal Roofing Georgia for over 40 years!

Metal Roofing Georgia for over 40 years!

B&M Metals has been serving Georgia’s and the rest of the South East’s Metal roofing needs for over 40 Years. We specialize in top Quality Metal Roofing products. We also provide red iron, metal buildings, metal studs, roll up doors, rusted metal, vinyl siding and so much more.

Metal Roofing, the new way to roof!

Installing a metal roofing system from B&M metals can possibly save you money on heating and cooling bills. The MRA reports a potential 40% savings in energy costs during the summer months dependent upon your specific geographical area by installing reflective metal roofing.

Typical asphalt roofs trap heat whereas metal roofing reflects it keeping your attic and home cooler. Combine that with the longevity of a metal roof and you’ll reap the benefit of not having to replace your roof as often for even more savings.

A white metal roof has the highest heat reflection value of any roofing material. Using a Metal Roofing system in North East Georgia will increase your home value.

Two more reasons we like metal roofing:

Your metal roof is an investment. Remodeling Magazine reports that you can recoup up to 85.9% nationally of the cost of a standing seam metal roof; over 95% in Eastern states.

Metal Roofing – after fire Live in an area prone to extreme weather – hail, winds, forest fires? Using impact-resistant and/or fire resistant metal roofing may enable you to get discounts on your insurance.

Photo at right (courtesy of MRA) depicts homes in the 1991 Oakland firestorm. The only home standing is the one with the metal roof – hot embers could not ignite the metal.

Metal Shingles – Tile Metal roofing North Georgia

Our favorites are vertical standing seam panels. We love country homes and believe this style works well for country metal roofs. Made in a myriad of colors, you are sure to find one that would be ideal for your home.

Vertical Standing Seam Panels are a great metal roofing style as well.

Dispelling Myths About Metal Roofing

Lightning: Metal roofing does not increase the chances of being struck by lighting. If struck, the metal will actually disperse the energy across the roof (much like it would do if it struck your car). In fact, metal roofs aren’t combustible or flammable making them ideal for lighting prone areas like North Georgia.

Fill free to call us during our regular business hours and our sales team can answer any of your questions. We pride our selves on great service and availability which is why we are number 1 at Metal Roofing Georgia!

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